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Are all diamonds the same?

Diamonds are like people, they are all different. Being a natural stone, each one is individual. Diamonds are graded for value using the 4 C's - Clarity, how many impurities there may be, Carat weight, the size of the stone, Colour, how white the stone is or vibrant in the case of coloured diamonds and finally Cut, not only refering to the shape of the diamond but also how well the proportions of the stone have been cut. If you would like more information about diamonds, feel free to come in and speak to us instore or download our fact sheet

What gold should I choose?

There is a lot of confusion regarding the 'hardness' and wearability of gold. In Australia, the most commonly used gold is 18 carat and 9 carat. 18 carat gold is the most long wearing and recommended for engagement and wedding rings. It also has a better colour due to 75% being pure gold, the rest being made up of copper and silver. 9 carat has only 37.5% pure gold and the same alloys as previously mentioned. Due to the lower amount of pure gold, 9 carat is more affordable for other types of jewellery.

The different colour golds are achieved by changing the alloys that are added. Rose gold has more copper added and white gold has palladium rather than copper. The amount of pure gold remains the same. If you would like more information on gold, please download our fact sheet

How do I find the right gemstone?

The desire to wear a coloured gemstone is becoming more and more popular. Just like diamonds, every natural gemstone has it's own distinct look and is a work of art. Gemstones are also graded like diamonds with their own version of the 4C's. If you would like more information on finding the right gemstone  for you, please download our fact sheet

Can I use the gold I have already to make my new jewellery?

Yes you can, it is generally the best way to get your value from it rather than selling a broken or unwanted item. Sometimes white gold doesn't work due to the alloys added but we can advise you best when we see it.

Should I get my jewellery checked often?

A good rule of thumb is once a year, some people find doing it around their wedidng anniversary or similar, is a good reminder. We will check for signs of wear to see if any repair work needs to be done before you lose the stones or the damage is too bad to be repaired.

How should I take care of my jewellery?

Most jewellery requires special care. We can clean your jewellery for you but there are some items and activities to avoid whilst wearing your jewellery. If you would like more information on taking proper care of your jewellery, please download our fact sheet

How should I take care of my pearls?

Pearls are more fragile and delicate than any other gemstone or metal, they need special care to ensure they will remain clean, bright and lustrous for years to come. There are some elements that may cause harm to you pearls. If you would like more information on preserving the beauty of your pearls, please download our fact sheet

How do I know if I have purchased a conflict-free diamond?

Buying from a reputable diamond broker who uses quality suppliers gives you the added confidence to know your diamond is conflict-free. Here at R&B Sutherland, we only sell conflict-free diamonds.

Should I buy my diamond from the internet?

The internet is a great way to get information about diamonds but when it comes to making a purchase over the internet, there are some things to keep in mind. Unfortunately there are sellers who are not honest and can take advantage of buyers. If you would like more information regarding the disadvantages of purchasing through the internet, please download our fact sheet

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